Landscape Design and Installation

Lawn Ranger Landscaping offers creative & quality landscape designs and installation for all size projects, big and small. New installation, landscape redesigns and seasonal color.

Our commitment to customer service means that we take pride in our work. We want every client’s yard to be a reflection of our skills and dedication.

Advantages of Landscaping

It is a known fact that landscaping can help make your yard more beautiful: but this is not the only advantage that landscaping offers. Some other important advantages of Landscaping are discussed below:

Landscaping to increase property value

Landscaping can hugely enhance the sale appeal of a property thereby increasing the overall property value.
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Landscaping can provide privacy and home security

Landscaping can help you effectively cover your outdoors thereby helping you block unpleasant views from outsiders or your own neighbors. Building huge walls to achieve this would be undesirable when the same can be achieved beautifully through landscaping. Outdoor lighting is also a great way to increase home security by lighting dark areas around the home.

Landscaping for energy savings

Landscaping can help save energy and thereby help reduce energy bill hugely especially during summer months. During the transpiration process plants tend to soak up heat from the air and release water vapor that acts as a coolant. In addition trees help in reducing solar radiation and reflection thereby preventing walls from heating up.

Deciduous trees used in landscaping help in cooling down your property in summer. They also help in warming it up during winter months by allowing the sun in shine through. Similarly vines help in providing direct shade on the walls that helps in keeping the surface temperature down. Shrubs on the other hand can prevent architectural features like glass doors and windows from conducting heat thereby keeping the overall temperature of the interiors down. On an average a landscaped house can save at least 40% on energy bill compared to a house that lacks this feature.

Landscaping for air purification

It is a known fact that plants generate oxygen taking in carbon dioxide to produce food thereby purifying the air. Thus landscaping your backyard with trees and other plants can help you minimize the bad effects of pollution. In addition to purifying the air, plants can help disperse fog, reduce wind speeds reduce noise effects and control erosion.

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